Investment Management Services – We provide investment management services by building customized portfolios of high quality, consistent growth equity and fixed income securities, augmented with open and closed-end mutual funds and exchange traded funds, to meet the specific financial objectives of our clients. Individual securities allow greater control and flexibility so we can optimize our clients’ tax situation and tailor each portfolio specifically to our clients’ risk tolerances and return requirements. Included within our investment management services, we provide add-on services such as retirement cash flow projections, encompassing all aspects of future income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, to assist our clients in retirement planning. We also provide a wide range of administrative services including items such as charitable gift transfers, bill payments, record keeping and tax reporting.

401(k) Services – We assist companies with choosing a complete array of investment options for their participants, developing an investment policy statement, conducting employee education in the form of seminars and one-on-one meetings, and continuous monitoring of fund options. In partnership with a number of third party administrators, we provide balance forward or daily valuation plans with open architecture in terms of available investment options.

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