• Q: What is your management fee and how does it work?
    A: We are a fee only advisor. Our clients are charged a flat percentage fee of 0.6% based on the assets we manage. The management fee can be deducted from the account with your approval or an invoice can be mailed to you.
  • Q: Aside from your management fee, are there any other costs I will incur?
    A: Our clients pay broker commissions on the trades we direct, which are paid directly to the custodian we use. In the event that our clients invest in funds (rather than individual companies), our clients indirectly pay fund management fees.
  • Q: Are you a fiduciary?
    A: Yes. As a fiduciary, we act in the best interest of our client.
  • Q: How frequently do you communicate with your clients?
    A: We will meet with our clients as frequently as needed. Additionally, we provide quarterly statements to our clients along with a quarterly investment update detailing our thoughts on the economy and the markets.
  • Q: What licenses, certifications and/or credentials do you have?
    A: Our team has 7 CFA charter holders, 2 CFP professionals and 2 CPAs, with over 200 years of combined investment experience.
  • Q: Who will I work with and who will be my main contact?
    A: Each account is assigned a portfolio manager and investment administrator. Your portfolio manager will be your primary contact. Additionally, each account also has a backup portfolio manager assigned should your primary manager be unavailable.
  • Q: Will my main contact be able to explain my investments and strategy?
    A: Yes, unlike many firms, our investment advisors acts as both portfolio managers and research analysts and, therefore, have a detailed understanding of every investment within our client portfolios, including why it fits into the portfolio’s overall strategy, based on our clients’ risk tolerance and performance goals.
  • Q: What is your investment approach?
    A: We primarily build customized portfolios with high quality, consistent growth companies at reasonable prices Read More
  • Q: What kind of services do you offer?
    A: We provide customized investment management services, 401(k) services and retirement planning services. Read More
  • Q: Is there a limit to the number of clients each advisor can have?
    A: Yes, we limit the number of clients per advisor in order to provide each client with personalized service while maintaining enough time to perform internal research.
  • Q: Where can I access your Form ADV?
    A: Our Form ADV can be accessed here. We can also mail a copy at your

  • Q: Where can I access your CRS Document?
    A: Our CRS document can be accessed here.
  • Contact Us

    Our address is: 134 E. Wisconsin Avenue One Neenah Center, Suite 300, Neenah, WI 54956-3007 Learn more