North Star Asset Management, Inc. (NSAM) offers a broad range of investment advisory services to individuals, families and institutions including asset management, retirement planning, administrative services and 401(k) management. These services include counseling with experienced professionals, prudent asset allocation with diversified, tax efficient investments, and detailed reporting, all at a very reasonable cost. 

Asset Management

NSAM currently manages over $1 billion of assets for a wide range of individuals, families, endowments, foundations, and corporations.  Our asset management services involve establishing investment objectives, developing an appropriate portfolio of investments, monitoring performance and reporting results.  These services include quarterly performance reporting and regular face-to-face meetings.

  • NSAM offers investment management of portfolios of individual stock and fixed income securities augmented with open and closed-end mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF’s). 
  • We also offer customized equity and fixed income portfolio management through our Comprehensive Managed Portfolio Service (CMPS) utilizing a combination of low cost index funds, ETF’s and other actively managed open and closed-end mutual funds.

Retirement Planning

NSAM prepares retirement projections encompassing all aspects of future income, expenses, assets, and liabilities that assist in more effectively managing resources accumulated for retirement.  We also are available to work with accountants and attorneys on our clients’ tax and estate planning issues. 

Administrative Services

We assist our clients with a wide range of administrative services including items such as charitable gift transfers, bill payments, record keeping and tax reporting.

401(k) Services

North Star works with companies that provide retirement plans for their employees.  In partnership with a number of third party administrators, we provide balance forward or daily valuation plans with open architecture in terms of available investment options.  NSAM assists companies with choosing a complete array of investment options for their participants, developing an investment policy statement, conducting employee education in the form of seminars and one-on-one meetings, and continuous monitoring of fund options.

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